Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Infineon Raceway Hot Lap!

Join me on a hot lap racing my fellow fans around Infineon Raceway!

George, one of our very capable transport drivers on the #22 team was sweet enough to give me and some of the other guests of the crew passes for a hot lap around the racetrack given to them by the track in their "gift basket" for hauling those race cars across the country. 

We lined up after the Legends race and the subsequent track grass fire was finally put out and saw four Toyota Camry's out on the track.  I figured "phfff!" this isn't going to be worth missing the NW race for!   Then they brought out the helmets...

I was in the 3rd group to go around the track so had the pleasure of watching the first few go - I have a new respect for Camry's!   These professional drivers were on it - pedal to the metal, squealing tires, smoking them around the turns and catching air over the rumble strips all while racing side-by-side.  

I apologize to the two older gentlemen stuck with me in the car whose videos I ruined with my giggling and back seat racing...

Tighten those belts one last time....


  1. With a special thanks to Jeremy our driver for not killing us!

  2. Kristen...

    Me thinks you giggle when you're nervous! LOL

    I'll bet you were hysterical on your wedding day!

    Neat stuff!

  3. fav'd and commented on youtube :D

  4. Dwindy pulling out the armchair analysis! You might be right! LOL

    Thanks Tez...

    Hi Kim! Great to see you here...it was so fun! I wish they did 2 laps - one you could just experience and one you can video!

  5. I'm so happy you and your Double Deuce crew had a great weekend. Wish I had come down earlier. Also wish I had gotten off the fence post sooner, and booked where you guys were staying, before the gold rush prices went into effect.

    What I thought was travel fatigue, must be Novato's revenge. Either that, or I got a flue bug (probably from Tez)... I don't think he had all his shots before crossing the boarder! lol

  6. Next time Cord, next time!! Tez won't be coming but Jon hopefully will and Melissa and I are a staple! Sorry to hear you are not feeling well-probably got it taking pictures with random women!!!! LOL

  7. LOL... I still haven't seen that picture! Tony was quite a friendly guy. Tony, the official that is!


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