Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tom German Announces Penske Departure

 Many asked after the very public smack down delivered by Kurt Busch about Penske's head of engineering Tom German if Kurt was trying to get himself fired...apparently not.   Word came out today from Penske that Tom German would be leaving to attend MIT's Sloan School of (anger)Management. 

I would assume you cannot just decide to attend MIT, so I would think if it is true, then German was planning his exit from Penske well before Busch gave him the tongue lashing(s).  This would be the best of all circumstances -- if Penske knew German was possibly leaving then we can only hope they have some sort of competent replacement ready to go.   

If this is a cover story, then god help us because there is no one to my knowledge currently at Penske who can just step in (PLEASE NOT Roy McCauley!!) and maintain let alone improve things.

Best case scenario is that Penske goes cherry-picking and grabs some talent from any of the big teams.  He throws enough cash around in IRL - time to make NASCAR an equal in importance not the red-headed step child (see I had to get a Dale Jr reference in here somehow! LOL)